Michael, J Fox Review, Fun News, Video/Movie history


michael j fox_rolling_stone_magazine


Michael J Fox striking a cord on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine

     Michael J Fox got his big break with a TV series fittingly called Family Ties. Because of the strong family & moral values that Michael displays in his personality & life style, he was & is a natural fit for the TV/Movie world from the 1980s & beyond. The popular TV series Family Ties aired on televisions screens world wide from September 22, 1982 until May 14 1989 & was a springboard for success. Michael was and still is a dedicated soldier of the Hollywood Video/Movie/TV/World.

michael_j fox_family_ties_tv

Did I mention that Michael love, love, loves his HOCKEY!!!


& is an avid fan or the Boston Bruins LOL

Taking time out of his busy schedule to film “Teen Wolf” Michael stayed busy & dedicated to his family as well as his TV, Video & Movie career. Both Teen Wolf & Family Ties 80s TV series were fun, G rated, family productions that were so popular that movie, theater, film producers and directors world wide were taking notice of Michael and his love & talent for his acting career. In fact this is how he really looks in person & that is why Michael landed the Teen Wolf  movie spot in the first place. HAHA joking of course

michael_j fox_teen_wolf_tv

Staying busy, working hard & staying focused, Michael earned the leading role in the movie


back to the future_car_tv

One of my personal favorite parts in the movie that I love is when Michael ” Marty McFly ” plugs in his electric guitar and stands in front of that huge speaker then gets blown backwards after he rips a cord HAHAHA GOOD TIMES

back to the future_michael_speaker_movie

( check out the video below if you like )


Michael really got back in the race when he joined Heather Locklear, Charlie Sheen, Richard Kind among others popular actors & actresses in creating the hit TV series Spin City. The popular TV series aired from September 17, 1996 until April 30, 2002. When it came time to call it quits with Spin City for Michael, it was a very emotional send off for Michael, his family, cast & Crew & of course “US FANS” but it was a joyous occasion full of tears, hugs, love & joy. So, did Michael say ” I think I’ll retire” or slack off any? NOPE!!!

Michael was becoming more & more settled while having more & more fun doing what he loved & still loves too do till this day ” work” while spending as much time as possible with his lovely wife, actress Tracy Polland, who coincidently played opposite Michael in the TV hit series Family Ties in 1988 as Alex Keaton’s girlfriend. Pretty cool HUH Oh ya, they have 4 kids as well 🙂



       OK , we all know Mr. Fox  is extremely talented & has won many, many awards & proven a lot of people wrong while empowering multitudes of others that I could ramble ON & ON but I don’t play that game. There are plenty of web sites around the world with that information if you want to read the same thing over and over. With so much depression, sickness and just plain DRAMA in the world I am going to be bringing you as much FUN, GOOD CLEAN FACTS & just plain POSITIVE ENERGY through my words as possible so buckle up & enjoy the ride!!!






      Father, Husband, Actor, Author, Producer, Activist, Voice-over Artist, Survivor & Hockey Player. Such an inspiration to people world wide , especially those battling with Parkinson’s & remembering to NEVER GIVE UP !!!

Out of all the things I came across in my research of Michael, this quote really stood out to me and I think sums up Michael to a Tee. He was asked if he felt “cheated” by his condition, he answered : “No, absolutely not. It’s been a detour that I wouldn’t have planned, but it’s really led me to amazing places.”

WOW, Inspirational & Humble at the same time. RARE !!

Please check out his charity here and donate if you are willing and able. Its not always about quantity, sometimes its about Quality.




** Michael left prime-time television over a decade ago to focus on his battle with Parkinson’s disease but I am not really surprised to hear that he’s back.
Michael J Fox, 51, will star in “The Michael J. Fox Show,” a comedy on Comcast Corp. (CMCSA) ‘s NBC about a news anchor who returns to work. WOW Do U feel the LOVE??

The Michael J. Fox Show will air Thursday nights on NBC beginning this fall

**  At NBC, executive B. Tartikoff opposed hiring Michael as the young  Alex Keaton on the hit TV series Family Ties after Matthew Broderick decided against the role. Mr. Tartikoff was heard saying “Go ahead if you insist. But I’m telling you, this is not the kind of face you’ll ever see on a lunchbox.” WOW, how do you not get fired up after someone says that about you.

** In fact, Michael did get fired up & left the competition in the dust while having a little fun along the way. Michael love love loves to have fun so one day as a joke, Mr. Fox sent too Mr. B. Tartikoff, a custom-made box with a message saying “To Brandon: This is for you to put your crow in. Love and Kisses, Michael J. Fox”. HAHAHA Good for you. Michael J’s story is uplifting to all of us who need & are looking for that little extra UMPF in our life’s travels.

** On the DVD commentary of the movie “Back to the Future” , the prop the directors originally considered for use as the time travel machine was actually a refrigerator, but R. Zemeckis and S. Spielberg did not want kids to start climbing in & out refrigerators and getting trapped so they went with the Delorean.

Hard choice! Which would you have voted for ???

michael_refridgerator_tv_movie_video  VS  michael_delorean_movie_tv

** CHECK THIS OUT !! Wikipedia tells us “The movie that won the Academy Award for Best Picture of  1955, the year to which Marty McFly goes back in time in the hit movie Back to the Future, was called Marty;  however, according to Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, this is only a coincidence  and was not a factor in naming the character” (Wikipedia).


michael_j fox_tv_award


I can only hope that you enjoyed the reading and below is a literal, sneak peak of a Super Super Star

Can you guess her name ??


?? Find out in the next post ??


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